Born In A Dream

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So I recently became a fan of Sherlock, or more specifically, that frustratingly beautiful romance between Smaug and Bilbo… oh wait, *doofs head* I mean, Sherlock and John. *tuh
Anyway, here’s a Johnlock song I wrote and produced. I hope all you lovely Johnlockers love it as much as I loved making it. x

Karliene Reynolds

Calling all creative Johnlocks on Tumblr. You may have heard of me or you may not, but i’m a singer/songwriter on You Tube, i’ve had a lot success with my Game of Thrones inspired music over the past few years and just released my debut album, ‘Dreams of Fire” which managed to climb to the top of the the World charts in America, Germany, Belgium and the UK. 

Here’s the thing though, i’ve recently began watching Sherlock and i’m totally, deeply, madly obsessed with the show - so much that i’ve penned a song especially for John and Sherlock ( yes, I believe in Johnlock ). The song is nearly finished and i’ll be looking to start recording this week. After that is all wrapped up, well this is where you guys come in.

I’ve been so inspired by all the beautiful and creative Johnlock art here on Tumblr and would love to collect a bunch on pictures to play in my lyric video - so i’m calling out to all you Johnlock artists. If you would like to be included in my new Johnlock fan song lyric video ( credited and linked of course ) then get in touch with me - you can message me either here or my You Tube page, heartofsnow23 or even my facebook page /KarlieneMusic. Would love to hear from you guys, Thank you all so much for inspiring my new song. All my love. Xxx

Listening to Fever Ray and p-shopping Jon Snow - i’m in the zone. 
Sleeping Beauty has always been my fave Disney movie so naturally i’m super excited to see Maleficent. Squeee. :-)

Excited much for this movie and Tauriel!!! yays. 

wait what….boring? with Mads??? Are you INSANE lady?

Mads, Mads, MADS!!! my god, stop being so delicious just for a second. 

Could this film be any more beautiful? Everything about it from the cinematography to Mads in period costume - ugh, just so fricking awesome. I could watch this film every day for the rest of my life and never get bored. 

A song i wrote for the beautiful movie, “A Royal Affair”. I’m so in love with Mads Mikkelsen. xx

Oh the tears I shed.